About Us

PANCRAZIO SPA is one of the leading companies in the production of vegetable food preserves in Italy, this historical company is located in Cava de’ Tirreni, 45 km south of Naples, in the Campania region. Founded in 1930 by Annibale Pancrazio, it is now managed by the third generation of the family. The high quality of products is constantly maintained over time by controlling every single ingredient and with the help of both modern technologies and manufacturing controls all within the general production scheme of the quality process including ISO UNI EN 9001 and B.R.C. The company produces a range of canned and bottled tomatoes and canned pulses in both conventional and organic versions:

    Tomato range
    Pulses range


The continuous attention to innovative products demanded by the market has led Pancrazio spa to add two production lines:

  • Ready-to-eat Soups
  • Cereals and Special Organic Products

The company sells its products in various parts of the world (approximately 50 countries), in the following main markets: U.K., Sweden, South Africa, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand, Venezuela, France, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Mauritius, Germany. Tradition, quality, culinary goodness, experience, and production diversification are the keys to the company’s success.


The Pancrazio Company has its roots back in 1930 when Annibale Pancrazio, the founder, began producing peeled tomatoes and tomato paste, also manufacturing the cans used.

Today Pancrazio spa, now with over 90 years of experience behind it, is still based in Cava de’ Tirreni and is one of the oldest processing industries of tomatoes and their derivatives, pulses and special products.

It currently operates in a technologically advanced plant of approximately 25,000 m2. with highly specialized personnel, continuing the activity with the same passion as in the past and respecting tradition by following procedures handed down from generation to generation.